Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Palm Springs Century

Hi VeloViet Members, Friends, and Fans,

It has been a while since we blogged.  Here is a quick update on what's going on in the VeloViet Cycling Club.

Our club is going strong under new leadership.  Our current leader Captain John is doing a wonderful job in his new role, and he is strongly supported by a small leadership team that is in constant communication with each other on every details of running the club.  Captain John's emphasis is on the rides, and he is molding members into a more effective cycling team.  There are more super strong cyclists in our pack than ever before!

Our goals remain relatively the same, and these include staying safe and healthy on the bikes, support each other on rides and with cycling related things, and just have fun!  We are more interactive with other cycling clubs with similar interests, and sharing a beer and chat after the ride is a common event every month now!

We plan to pack many epic ride events in 2017, and the club just came back from doing a wonderful organized ride at the Palm Springs Century.  Check it out!

2017 Palm Springs Century from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

See you soon, Phong

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hello Again !

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since we blogged.  The VeloViet Team have been busy with all sorts of events.  We have 9 members who are competing in the upcoming Ironman in DaNang, Viet Nam, and most of our cyclists are gearing up for local centuries and for our upcoming battle on the slopes of the Glendora Mountains.  It's going to be EPIC !

Here is a couple of recaps of our recent rides that we hope you enjoy.  See you on the road soon!

The NINE from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

2016 GMR Training Ride from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

VeloViet's 2015 Year In Review

2015 marked another great cycling year for the VeloViet Cycling Association. This year was VeloViet’s 11th year anniversary, and it was filled with exciting new changes. Read on…

Besides the annual epic rides like GMR, 9/11 "We Remember" Ride, and Crystal Lake Challenge, in 2015 VeloViet stabilized our Sunday rides to two main routes to promote maximum familiarity with the routes. Members can gain fitness confidently riding on the rolling hills of University Ridgeline route, and work on their speed and drafting techniques on the flat SkyPark criterium. With these routes, our A2 team continues to set the fitness bar higher each year, and our A1 team is on form with riders from the local races.

Off the bike, VeloViet continues positively to affect local and remote communities. On the local scene, our members can be found riding and active members in communities of Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego. As for remote locations, we have partner with SAP-VN (Social Assistance Program for Viet Nam) and will have a stronger presence in charitable events in Viet Nam. Also we are excited to announce that eight of our strongest members will participate in the 2016 VNG Ironman in Danang, Viet Nam!

As usual, our season ended with a huge celebration at the Christmas Party. This year has been exciting, in both the rides that we participated and in the new leadership growth that we see in the club. The VeloViet Cycling club continues to have a strong presence in the local communities, and our brand name continues to be recognized across the US and other countries!

VeloViet is a non-profit and 100% volunteer-based organization, and all of the above, plus more, could not have happened without support of our members, their families, and from our wonderful sponsors. Thank you!

Here is a brief video recap of some of our 2015 events. The VeloViet Leadership Team looks forward to an even more exciting coming year!

2015 Year In Review from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

See you on the road,


Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 VeloViet Team Photoshoot

Hi Members, Families, Fans, and Friends,

It has been a while since the VeloViet cycling club have posted on the blog.  I am still recovering from the holidays of last year, and are slowly beginning to start riding consistently again.  I am glad to report though that most of our members have been continue to train regularly, and also there is a small handful of riders that are hitting the local double century scene often.

Coming up soon for the club are the climbs, with the Glendora Mountains being the first high mountain that we will tackle.  This year will be exciting as there is a group of riders (aka The Fab 4) who have become exceptionally strong on the bikes.  We are excited to see how they will fare as the road goes upward!

The club just had its 2015 Team Photoshoot.  Here is a recap video for you to enjoy!

2015 Team Photoshoot from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

See you soon on the road,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 - Year In Review

Dear VeloViet Members, Families, Sponsors, & Friends,

What a year it has been for the VeloViet Cycling Association.  2014 not only marked VeloViet’s 10 year anniversary, but was also one of the most pivotal year in VeloViet's history!  Read on…

We continue to have super fun rides like the Palm Springs Century, GMR, 9/11 Epic Century, and Crystal Lake Challenge. At the racing scene, our racing members had successes and podium at local races.  Our endurance team continues to set the bar higher each year, and continues to seek KoM challenges and Triple Crowns.  Each one of these epic events and rides brought fun and new challenges to our members.

Off the bike, VeloViet continues positively to affect our local and remote communities, with club participation in charitable events such as LATO (Love Across The Ocean) Bowling Tournament, Rock N’ Road Hunger Ride, and raising donation for Vietnamese Orphanage. Thanks to all who supported these events!

As usual, our season ended with a huge celebration at the Christmas Party. This year has been exciting, in both the rides that we participated and in the new leadership growth that we see in the club. The VeloViet Cycling club continues to have a strong presence in the communities around Orange County, and our brand name continues to be recognized across the US and other countries!

VeloViet is a non-profit and 100% volunteer-based organization, and all of the above, plus more, could not have happened without support of our members, their families, and from our wonderful sponsors. Thank you!

Here is a brief video of our 2014 events. The VeloViet Leadership Team looks forward to an even more exciting coming year!

See you on the road,

2014 Year In Review 2 from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Crystal Lake Ride

The rider groan as the slight man ahead of him accelerated. He too quickly picked up his pace to match that of the front runner.

But the attack is ferocious and repeats regularly. The awesome power that is being generated seems to come from nowhere as the front runner was skin and bones. And all of his Fab-4 team mate can no longer be seen.

The domination is unquestionable. The King of the Mountain title looks more solid... but there are those who will challenge the throne!

This weekend marks a preview of what is to come, a possible clash of the Fab-4 and The King. Come join Road Cap't Dave this Sunday on the high mountain of Crystal Lake, take a peek at the Siren Witch, and preview the Clash of the Titans!

The Beast that of the Crystal Witch roared as she hears that the VeloViets Warriors are coming to her Crystal Cavern. On top of that, they are bring their beautiful Queens to cook them a feast with Banh Xeo to celebrate their planned victory. She howled aloud full of rage and fury.

But then she cackled with glee as she realized... there will be more meat for her and the other witches. Now she can enjoy the tender morsel of their Queens, to make up for those tough rawhide on those VeloViet Warriors. She also realized too those guys are nothing but skin and bones, nothing more than 134 pounds she guess, while their Queens are that of the sweet and tasty meat. The Crystal Witch salivates thinking of the upcoming meal.

Then she sees movement further down below her cavern. Hhmmm... what is this? She spot flashes of blue and of black, as well as the usual red. Who are these warriors? Are they the VeloViets?

Far down below, the VeloViet Warriors charged up the hill, in their splendid new blue and black uniform hugging their ripen bodies. The group are charged with the refreshing new look, and now full of might and bravery. Behind them followed their beautiful Queens, to be desire by every mortal man no less, as they hand feed the Warriors with flowing wine and energy replenishing grapes. The Witch is out of her luck now!

Then FedEx and the Fab-4 charges. The battle for Crystal Lake has begun!


The LAST and FINAL Epic Ride for the VeloViet's 2014 Season occurs this weekend at Encanto Park in Duarte. After this Sunday's Crystal Lake ride, the cycling club switches gear to party mode and allow our tired bodies to rest and recuperate for a brand new 2015.

And for the final epic ride, the club pulls out all tabs and presents a "Red Carpet" ride for it's members and guests. Never before has the SAG Team pays this much attention to details in supporting the team. We have 2 route options, and a 3rd option to the 17 mile mile water stop for those who wants more than 12 mile climb, but less than 25 miles. We have SAG cars providing food and drinks, and we have BBQ after the ride.

But best of all... an action pack drama that will unfold before our very eyes. The A1 Team takes on the Crystal Witch, a duel to be the KoM, Fab-4 attacking FedEx, and seasoned Rock-N-Road racer guests who will challenge the throne!

So now... ARE WE READY??? LET'S GET IT ON!!!

Here is a brief video summary of the ride. The action was fast, the food was yummy, and the camaraderie is priceless!  Congratulations to our top 3 KoM finishers: Hung, Chau, and John!

The ride could not have happened without our wonderful volunteers. Special thanks to Hieu, Kym, Huong, Johnny, and Anh Minh for sagging. The yummy BBQ food was prepare by our chefs Huy and Anh Sang.  Logistics and support provided by Cap't Scott and Dave. Thank you volunteers!

2014 Crystal Lake Ride

See ya next year,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The 2014 VeloViet's 9/11 "We Remember" Ride


The Man moved slowly, walking along with his Ducati steed. His heart and soul full of pain, suffering, but his mind is full of rememberance

He is an Old Man. His youthful vitality lost in the struggle that ended over a year ago. Those who are close to him knows of his history, and knew the burden that he had bear.

His season metal steed too is weary. Weary of the miles that it had carry him over the years. The red metal a dull color of lost shine. It had carry him to this place. The place that is NOW...

The Man looked up... and saw flashes of the past. The past that blurred so quickly before his eyes. The past that had become now. And his eyes bore the shine in the memory, his heart fluttered a bit, a glimmer of hope... he now know that it is time! A time for rememberance... and a time to Ride!

Welcome to the World that is The 9/11 "We Remember" Ride!!!

The most epic in the VeloViet's ride arsenal, it is this ride that defined its heart and its collective soul. Started in 2010 to remember those fallen in the 9/11 terror attack, it has now become half a decade of symbolic gesture that can only be those of the VeloViets.

It is a unification ride. A ride that borne the camaraderie of its members in the single struggle, but yet offers the self realization of the individual. It is a moment of truth, of hope, and of a possible glory!


I pushed hard to seize my memories from past years, as it is buried deep beneath many layers of protective walls. Then it all came flooding through...

My heart seized tightly, and my breath became raspy and constricting. Images flew by so quickly as if it was my Facebook movie on play in my head. On screen were moments of when I saw the jet flew into one of the twin tower, when part of the building crumbled into the ground while smoke billows of the gashed wounds.
But then lighter and happier visions appears.... the time when I rode with my VeloViet brothers and sisters the first time to Oceanside, when Tan and Cap't Thomas pushed Kiet up the hill, when Uyen showed us her scrapes at the harbor, of the time when Duc Au, Mo, Steve, and two other Tri-Crews were exceptionally strong in carrying the flag to our destination, of the box lunches that Huong and Karen worked so hard to get for us...

My heart pounds and soars with delight. It is these memories that makes up for those tested times. Although we should never forget those moments that seemed unbearable, we also need the nice memories to balance out our lives.

The VeloViet once again will be riding our annual 9/11 ride this Sept 7th! If you are one of the self chosen ones that dared to take on this epic ride, have no fear! I will be there with you... and together we will create memories that lives in our hearts and soars to the surface when we calls for help.

My hearts flutters, the adrenaline pump, for the RIDE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!


Definitely the hardest 9/11 route we have ever had! The distance, the heat, the hills in the beginning, the rolling hills in the end, and the wind in the end makes this a most difficult route.

Sag support for this ride was challenging, as the hills immediately split the pack up. The Sag Team was super though, with Scott providing the route, Nhat's, Minh's, and Paul's wives handling food support, Karen handling the main food delivery, Henry and I in the two Sag cars, Emily and Chris providing photography and video support, Andrew with additional photos and videos, and the member's many kids for general support. Nhat and Q provided additional water and fruit for us. Thank you all!

Here is a summary video for your enjoyment!

2014 911 Ride from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

See You Next Year!

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 VeloViet Summer Beach Party!

Hi VeloViet Members, Families, and Friends,

It's been a while since we have blog, but the VeloViets have been full on engaged in all sort of activities.  Our latest is the 2014 Summer Beach Party that we held this past Sunday.

We had a great turn out, with over 100 members, their families, and friends attending.  As always, the event was well coordinated and led by our Event Planners Huong and Karen.  Special thanks to these 2 ladies, and their supporting staff, for coordinating the food and fun!

This venue is a new one for us, as typically our Summer bash is held at the park, but all of the water activities at the venue was a blast.  We had outrigger boats, canoes, paddle boats, and more!  Special thanks to our member Paul for helping set up the venue, and to all of the Newport Beach Outrigger Crew for their support!

Here is a video capturing this fun event.  Enjoy!
Video - 2014 VeloViet Beach Party


Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 VeloViet's Thales Ride

Hi Everyone,

We had a fun social ride this past Sunday from Mile Square Park to Thales in Irvine.  Thales is one of the leading manufacturer of In-Flight Entertainment Systems, and they are a major sponsor of the Air Force Cycling Classic in Arlington, Virginia.

At the start in Mile Square Park, Co-Captain Dave declared this is the largest crowd he has seen for a while on our normal Sunday's ride.  We had roughly about 45 riders, including some "MIA" riders we have not seen in a while like Arnel, Julio, Tiffany, and Spartacus.  Here are some photos:

Photo - Thales Riders Toan, Kym, and Paul
 Photo - Julio in the VeloViet's Classic Red Kit
Photo - Kiet and Chanh
Photo - Henry and Luke

Photo - VeloViet Guys
 Photo - VeloViet Ladies
Photo - Tiffany and Annie
Photo - Mike and Annie

After a quick pow-wow, we rolled to PCH.  The Thales riders in our group even get to pull the pack for a bit on Bushard.

Photo - Thales Well Represented in the Peloton

Photo - Toan and Paul Pulling the Pack

Photo - Brian and John Pulling the Pack

Photo - Annie and Nancy

Photo - Tuan and Turbo Karen
At PCH, we picked up a few more riders, including the Rock Racing Crew.

Photo - Thales Crew and Rock Racing Brothers

Photo - Paul and the Road Captains Keith, Dave, Luke, and Scott
The "blood-thirst" hounds were restless as we kept the speed down to around 21 mph so far.  On PCH, the first attack came from none other than Buddha.  John and Brian were pulling the pack at the time, and Buddha sprinted pass these two.  No reaction from the riders and the pack regroup.
The second attack came on the first hill near Jamboree.  Spartacus attacked trying to lure out Turbo Karen, the QoM of the past few years, who had took him out on last week climb at Newport Coast.  Surprisingly, the reaction was not from Turbo, but from other A1 members, but again, the pack regrouped at the top.
Energy now spent, the pack stayed together and the group arrived at Thales in Irvine as a pack for even more photo op!
Photo - ChauLinh Reaching for the Perfect Selfie

Photo - The Thales "Force"
Photo - Thales Riders
The remaining ride was fun, with lots of socializing.  Overall, this was a super fun ride as we have not had a social ride with the pack intact for a while, and with a large group.  Here is a recap video for your enjoyment.

Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting this ride!  Hope to see you on the road soon!

Until next time,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 Saigon TV Ride

Hi Everyone,

It was a fun media-filled ride today for the VeloViet cycling club.  Vicky Nguyen, a local television reporter, showed up with a camera man to interview and film the VeloViets in action.

A quick bio of Vicky.  She is a CSUF graduate with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film, and is a TV host for Saigon TV and a news reporter for Garden Grove's TV3.  For this feature, Vicky is doing a television piece for a show on Saigon TV.

Photo - Reporter Vicky Nguyen
Also making a "rare" appearance was Cap't "Zeus" Thomas.  Thomas has been very busy with different events in the local Vietnamese community, but took time to come out and visit us.  All were excited to see Thomas on the bike again.
Also visiting were some cycling friends from San Jose, XeDapViet's Dzung and Margaret, who rode with our VeloViet's Endurance Crew in a double century (yup that's 200 miles folks!).  A lot of action today!  Check out the photos...

Photo - Dung, Thomas, Toan, Johnny, and Larry
Photo - Lilliana and Annie
Photo - Minh, Dzung, and Margaret

Photo - Dave, Tim, and Greg

Photo - Minh, Thang, Lilliana, and DuyAnh
After a quick interview with Cap't Scott and the VeloViet Ladies, we quickly transformed Reporter Vicky into a cyclist and outfitted her with a road bike.  Vicky definitely looks good in a VeloViet cycling jersey!
A few more photos and we are off!

Photo - Cap't Scott and Vicky

Photo - Vicky Interviewing Kristy and Tho

Photo - Nancy and Vicky Ready to Ride
 Photo - Vicky, Sunny, Tho, Kym, Karen, Lilliana, Annie, and Kristy
Photo - Vicky and Kristy Leading the Pack

Photo - Making the Turn

Photo - Luke Doing a Track Stand At a Stop Light
 Photo - Vicky Enjoying Her Time on a Bike
Photo - Thang and Hieu Enjoying the Sunshine
At the beach, we did more interviews and took more photos on the pier.  I even managed to do a few quick photo op with our members and with the reporter!

Photo - Vicky Getting Ready for More Interviews

Photo - Mike, Annie, and Cao

 Photo - Phong and Larry
Photo - Anh Thang and Saigon TV Camera Man

Photo - The Ladies

Photo - The Guys
Photo - Vicky Interviewing Luke, FedEx, and Haldane

Photo - XDV's Margaret and Dzung with Tho, Hieu, Minh, Larry, and Thang

Photo - Phong and Vicky
 Photo - The VV Pack at Huntington Pier
Afterwards we rolled slowly back to MSP and enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant.  Although we did not ride a lot today, the food and camaraderie definitely made up for it.

Overall the VeloViets had a great time with Reporter Vicky. Thanks for being a good sport and ride with us Vicky. We look forward to seeing your television feature, and hope you had a great time.  We will see you again soon on the bike!

Special thanks to Kristy for coordinating this event for the VeloViet Cycling Club.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the roads to GMR.

Photo - Vicky and Kristy
Signing out,

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Brotherhood of Arms - The Battle at 2014 Palm Springs

T'was the Year of Our Lord 2014, peace had rule the land these past few years under the Good King Thomas. Birds singing, flowers blooming, love is in the air, and many babies are coming... all in the Kingdom of the VeloViet flourished in this glorious time.
But in this tranquil space grows a heavy heavy heart. Too many battles had he conquered with his Gladiators and Gladiatresses, King Thomas yearn for a quiet contemplace. So when the opportune came, Thomas removed his VeloViet golden crown, leaving that which he thought a stable and peaceful land, and rode off into the good night.
The strike was hard and swift! The blade left a gashing mark on the skin of the VeloViet Warrior and quickly seeps full of coarse blood! The Barbarian grins wickedly and showed his decaying tooth.
It was again the follies and foolishness of Man that had caused this attrocity. Restless and bored, the VeloViet Brotherhood turned upon each other to find the taste of battle, the taste of blood, and the taste of war. Gladiators morphing into ugly Barbarian Hordes as they steal and rape the peaceful land.
Then there were some that stood and fight, but they too crumpled under the massive evilness and despair. The latest casualty being Spatacus himself, a fine and mighty warrior for his golden years, but too he was last seen last week lying in a pool of excrement and blood by the concrete waste side of the battle war.
But yes there were a few successes. It was reported that the VeloViet's "Divas" Battalion were the only ones who seemed unaffected, and are now fighting a good battle against the ugliness of men. But the ladies are far and few among the sea of testosterone horde.
Hope begins to dim... the night lit up by fire pits as bodies burned by the terror of men.
The lone rider stopped and inspect the desolate land above this dark Oakley shades. He had journeyed far, from the Southern Land of Irvine, to see what was it about what he had heard... a kingdom, fine and mighty, ruled by a good king.
Compact and powerful in nature, the man carried only the few necessity for this trip. But as he progress into the Northern Land, he saw the raveling of peace. The man too had to fight to defend himselves. He saw peaceful villagers, ravished by the Barbarian Horde, and he too lifted his sword to defend them. Slowly... a new army is form.
The man and his army arrived at the Kingdom of the VeloViets. The once gold color that adorned the golden palace now tarnished under the evil that had seeped inside. But the palace is now empty as The Barbarian Horde had pulled out to reassembled in the sandy, dessert land of Palm Springs. They are growing in strength and numbers, as the evil multiplies easily in this dry and hot land.
The man pushed open the palace doors, and strode purposefully into its darkened hallway. He approached the throne and spies the golden VeloViet crown and massive VeloViet red cape.
On his body he had wore a thin white tunic that has the number 105 in the back, which had begin to fade out during the travel. He removed this 105 tunic and let it slip to the floor. The man draped his body with the warm, red cape.
He lifted the golden crown, and turned around to face the army. There were those in the crowd that motion for the man to put the crown on. He slowly and hesitantly lifted it above his head... and put it on. The crowd went wild, for now come a new King. There were those in the crowd that openly wept of this sight, for they had lost all hopes.
The New VeloViet King faces East and stared into the far away dessert land. It will be in Palm Spring where he will face his first challenge as the Captain of this Army. He knows this is where he must cut out the heart of the evil foolish and follies that dominated men, to gain control of the vast kingdom.
Now begins a new chapter in the history of the VeloViet, and it comes on the eve of a decade year. Never before had we have a change of the throne holder, and the first epic ride will be the of the most interesting!
We had a late start as Paul had a meeting to attend.  We met at my house at 5 PM, quickly loaded up the truck, and rolled.  Traffic eastbound was the heaviest at 71 and 91 FWY.
Photo - Loading Up the Truck 
Ended up at Nhat's house around 8 PM.  The party was in full swing and we were rewarded with spaghetti, steak, and pho for our long drive.  A nice glass of red wine or a cold beer definitely helped too!

Photo - Ready for a Nice Brew

 Photo - Hieu Preaching the Cycling Gospel to Newbies

Photo - Rowan and Tho Excited for their First Century in US

Photo - Dealing Out Wheaties for Next Morning

Photo - Getting Ready for Bed

Photo - House Crew

Everyone woke up early! The excitement was high and most folks could not sleep for long. We were up by 4 AM and getting ready for the long road ride ahead.  Of course, we had to take lots of pre-ride photos.

Photo - Ready to Depart for Palm Springs 

Photo - VeloViet Ladies of Palm Springs Century
The starting area was a large mass of people.  Here we managed to locate a few more of our members who drove up in the morning.  Yup more photos...

Photo - Luke, Tiffany, and Brian

Photo - Nhat's Friend, Minh, and Thuan

Photo - Saw Our Friend the River Velo Crew 

Photo - Before the Ride Photo 

Photo - Palm Springs Cheerleaders Welcoming Riders

Photo - Waiting for the Start 

Photo - Anh Thuan Ready to Roll 

Photo - Kevin, Chi Lan, Thang, Brian, and Simon

And the ride is on!  Lots of interesting sights.

Photo - Saw Faries on the Ride

 Photo - Saw Superman Too!

Photo - Wonder if He is Doing 100 Miles on that Bike...

 Photo - Rolling in the Dessert
Photo - VV Tandem Crew Were Represented

Photo - Had the Road to Ourselves
The first 50 miles went by quick as everyone had plenty of energy.  We had left the A1 Team to wait for Scott, and they took off 40 minutes behind the A2 Team, but had caught up at the 50 mile marker.
So far so good and everyone was safe and in good spirit.  The only casualty was Johnny who hit some gravel at a turn and went down.  He was ok though and showed us his battle scars.

Photo - Johnny Showing Us His Battle Wounds

Photo - 50-Mile Photo

Mile 50 to 80 were some of the best VeloViet teamwork ever!  Led by Brian, this team rotated with a 12-men crew and kept teh pack moving at about 24 mph non-stop for 30 miles.  Brian was exceptionally strong, but we had Vu, Dung, Chau, Kevin, Paul, Minh, Simon, Thau, Thang, Phong, and Chi Lan all rotating through and helping.

We were passing a lot of people.  Pretty soon, strong members from other teams were latching on, but it was the VeloViets who were mostly in the front.  We received a lot of compliments from other teams at the 80 mile reast stop.  Kudos to a great teamwork!

Photo - Vu Leading the Pack 

Photo - Perfect Synchronization

Photo - VV Young Guns Chau and Kevin

Spartacus had a second or third wind and miles 80 on were good to him.  Although he cramped at mile 70, his legs were doing ok.  There was a lot of stop and go and many riders cramped, with Simon receiving the worse cramp at mile 90.

And then at a blink of an eye, we were home.  103 miles down and everyone celebrated!

Photo - After Ride Photo

Photo - The Beast Went on a Rampage on the Ride 

Photo - Hieu, Nik, and Thang Rolling Home

Hieu's brother Quoc had a hotel room nearby and offered to let us use the shower.  Man, it sure felt good to hit a shower immediately after the ride!

And then Hieu, Paul, and I went hunting for a pho place.  We found it at Pho 533 which is located nearby.  A hot bowl of pho did the trick after a 100-mile ride.  We should meet here next year too!

Photo - Post Ride Food 

Overall the VeloViet had a great time in Palm Springs and we are thankful that everyone made it back safely.  This ride could not have happen without the generosity of Nhat and Jessica, who offered to feed and let us stay at their house, and we are grateful for this.  Thank you Nhat and Jessica!

Onward to the next adventure...