Friday, August 21, 2009

VeloViet's new blog

Get your blog on foos. Better get a pair of these for this thing.


  1. haha, i know cycling season is almost over, but i ain't going fishing!

  2. with all the bullshit gonna get dropped here you gonna need some waders!

  3. Hey guys,
    It would be great to have a chance to share cycling news and experience to riders who want to read it!
    Scott, I will be in OC with you guys in Feb... we can do some centuries together. We still can plan out so few can do centuries with us... but other still can join in their 60+ miles ride. GREAT PICTURE! I will train one of my girl so she look like that and post it on my page! hehehe!
    Dashaan, We all waiting for you here in MN ... So, save your energy and muscle and flex them when you get here.

  4. Hey Quang...the Palm Spring ride is Feb. 13th. you plan on coming out at that time?