Friday, January 22, 2010

Remembering Lady Palomar...

Start KOM training now!

Midway to 2009 Mount Palomar...

Those who conquered the Lady in 2009...

Fed-Ex, TZ, Cuong, Greg G, The Warrior, Cap't "Lance" Armstrong, The Gear, Rock Racers, The Animal, The Italian = Part of 2010 Palomar Crew?

Will the 2009 Tri-Crew shows up for 2010? What will Fed-Ex do?

Forget 2010 Tour de France Contador vs Armstrong battle, ride & watch 2010 Palomar instead!


  1. I would love to be able to watch few video clips to show how Lance vs Contador or Hung Fed Ex on this climb? NOT too long just 5-10 mins including climb and decent?
    PLUS the new guys too! Could be in front or in the back of the pack :)
    Have a great ride this weekend!

  2. only if i can finish a rout 84 miles 4000ft on 2-7-10
    and Palm Springs tour with a reasonable time

  3. Yes ill be apart of the palomar crew for sure this year. I sense she will feel my strength and power under my tires as i build up my climbing miles and technique months before I tackle her.
    Sounds like fun. Hope all of us vv can show up and ride that day and tell our friends and family that we rode up this mountain.