Monday, February 8, 2010


It started with a phone call, "can you turn around and pick me up. It's windy, I don't think I can make it."

Through out the next 40 miles, I was wondering what I got myself into...However, after a little bit of venting and verbally abusing Andy, things seems to be better.

Luckily, this weekend, I will be riding with the strong A group where there are plenty of riders to pull me home.



  1. Ha, ha... That's funny Cap't.

    Thinking back, I guess Andy was a bit over ambitious to do an 80-mile ride after a long layoff.

    The good news is that we did get a lot of saddle time :-)

    Yup, I think VeloViets will have a lot strong riders out on the course, from both group A and B.

    New century riders, the key is to conserve as much energy as possible in the first half. Don't do any rookie moves (like I did last Sunday) like chasing Fed-Ex up and down hills! Just let the fast guys go!

    Bring on that Palm Springs century!!!

  2. Hello Capt and OC riders!
    From the email looks like OC will have ~40 riders on this ride! Wow! that is a BIG GROUP! but also will need many plans in place due to the size and distance that you all will be endure.

    The Animals group A,
    If you have more then 10 riders in group A... and with the speed you are going to push (I am sure... you do this all the times no matter what you had agree to prior to any ride. Your nicknames said it all: Animal, Warrior, Mr. 30mph, Hung Fed Ex.... and many more).

    Those are stronger riders but UNTRAIN or LACK of traning will have NO problem hanging on the first 60 miles ...... but than they will suffer the last 40 miles. Even himself wonder what happen to him? Those are endurance type of riders trying to hang on the 1st 60 miles then a few will become the strong one due to the type of training that they did before this event will shine... Will see WHO?

    So! Who will be in group A1, A2, or even A3? The reason I brought this up because WE in MN train for it as a team and know who are strong on hill, flat, before 50 miles, after 50+ miles... BUT suddenly ONE or TWO guys showed up and want to ride the 100 miles with us but only trained up to 60 miles ... WE REALLY WANT TO SEE THEM COME HOME WITH US but 18mph is all they can do when the other 4 or 5 that still can push over 22mph is not fair to the group. So it is BEST for Just ONE rider stay back with him. Often will be me! This rider will need lot of motivation due to exhausion and some what semi-bonk or bonking already!

    If someone else also want to stay back or small group volunteer to stay back with him that would be the best and need to make decision right away so captain can ride home with the fastest group A1.

    If your group is press for TIME, best to put new tires if yours is over 500+ miles old(then after the ride swap it back). Off course your bike should be in good condition too!

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Capt. you are very strong pushing Andy even at the last minute. i don't know who will pull you or you may have to pull A1 on the last 10 miles.

    Quang i really like reading your comment about century ride. i notice the old tire easy get flate then new one. by reading your experience think i will fall into 18mph. will see in a few more day