Sunday, April 4, 2010

04/04 Ride Report - The Red Bull Ride

The bull clawed the ground, snorting loudy, and digging in its hooves to show its anger. It snorted and stomped its front legs, and then took off charging towards the red color fabric. The VeloViet Matador, in his beautiful red and black kit, stood his ground and prepare for the on rush. Ever graceful like a dancer, he dodged the rushing bull with an apparent ease. The back and forth dance between animal and Matador continues in its mad brilliance. This dance to the VeloViet is now known as the Red Bull Ride.

On last week’s ride, Cap’t must have noted that the VeloViets were more tired than usual, as both Group A1 and A2 could only complete 40 of the planned 75 miles. Not even a trip to the coffee shop after the ride could muster up any enthusiasm from the VeloViets. Cap’t knew he must do something special and thus worked hard to bring something more energy to the group on this week’s ride.

That something special showed up at 8 AM in the form of the Red Bull car! We stood speechless as the RB car drove in, and out came two gorgeous ladies showering us with can of Red Bull energy drinks and Red Bull quick energy shots. What did we do to deserve this special treat? Here you can see the RB car driving into the MSP parking.

Photo #1 - The Red Bull Car pulling in to MSP to meet with the VeloViets

These Red Bull ladies must have down a couple of RB cans themselves before they drove into the park as they were full of energy and vitality. The VeloViets were also extremely excited, and were like little kids lining up to get their share of candy. The ladies were so nice, were engaging in conversations with some of the VeloViets, and were asking us about the club and where do we ride. The riders, especially Anh Minh and Anh Loc, were telling the ladies about the club. Here we are taking a picture with the Red Bull ladies to capture this experience.

Photo #2 - VeloViets and the Red Bull Ladies

All good things must come to an end. The ladies finally took off and we started our Sunday’s ride. About 17 of us show up at the park, with another 10 waiting at the first stop and along the route. The ride started well, with everyone sticking together through most of the River Trail. After the bridge, the Red Bull drink must have kick in for Duc as he suddenly took to the front and started pulling at 28 mph. The Warrior and Cap’t quickly latched on, and I was in fourth wheel. After about 5-10 minutes of this, I could not hold anymore and had to peel off. Anh Sang came up after me and we pull each other to the rest stop. The five of us made it to the rest stop first. The rest of the group rolled in after us. Here, we did our customary group shot before rolling off.

Photo #3 - VeloViets posing at the Rest Stop

Through PCH, Jamboree, San Joaquin, and up to Newport Coast, Nic dominated the front. On San Joaquin, I tried to hang with Nic on the hills, but he basically rode me off of his tail. Then there is Luke. Whenever Nic slow, Luke would take over and sprint up the hills. Toss in Duc and Cap’t, and it became a suffer-fest for the rest of us.

But the saying is true! Red Bull does give you wings! In our case, it gave the Group A2 riders additional energy to hang with the fast Group A1. As the route continues through the canyons, Group A2 continues its forceful marching and did not let A1 out of its sight. To see Mac and Billy working the tandems, with Michelle and Co, on the hills is an amazing sight. On the hills, the tandems would lose grounds due to its weight. But on the down hills, they would blast by us single riders as is we were doing track stands. The 2 groups reached the Circle K rest stop together.

After a brief rest, the group took off. Cap’t had declared that the Group A1 would peel away and take off, and we did, but initially could not shake A2 off our wheels. These guys were still on the Red Bull high, and were determined to stay with the front group. The relentless pace set by A1 finally whittles the group down to just 5 riders: Nic, Luke, Duc, Cap’t, and I. The last to go before this group was established was Jason, who sacrificed himself on Jeffrey and gave a mighty pull to the front group before finally falling away. The remaining five continues the fast pace on the Back Bay, PCH, and then River Trail. We made it back to the park first. The rest of the group slowly rolls in about 15 minutes after us.

This bullish ride was made special not only by the visit from the Red Bull ladies, but more from the fact that both Group A1 and A2 stuck together for more than half of the ride. Our group is getting to where we each are graceful Matadors on wheels, able to dance and churn out incredible speeds on the road.

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  1. Phong thx for the recap!
    I should have stocked up on sum of that red bull! looks like everybody was pumped up after taking some of that stuff!

    Good job everybody!

  2. As always, Thank Anh Cuong for snapping photos and videos on this ride. I just hope he enjoy the ride more often rather than taking pictures of us each and every week. Not only that, he pulled the rest of the group through Back Bay yesterday.

  3. The RB stuff sure worked for Loc, too. He contributed the pull for the pack from time to time. Beside that, please tell us Rock Racers...what the heck did you guys consume on the way back to the river bed trail? Everyone was exhausted but 3 of you guys have just sped up like 3 silver bullets from behind and vanished into the thin air...Thumbs up! ! !

  4. Another ride added into our history book. Thanks to our RB girls and drink. It gives you wings. Oops, free advertising. Not good.

    Hard day, great rides, keep it going.

    Thanks Cuong for capturing these pix.