Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Follow Up on The "Friendly/Social" Ride...

We just want to follow up on the "Friendly/Social" ride attendants for this coming Saturday morning....Don't forget to check with your friends, family member, co-workers, neighbors...
Do we have any volunteers, attendees ? ? ? C'mon, help us to warm this up ladies & gents ! !

Toan & Long


  1. Hi, maybe ask Cuong to generate a nice poster for us and then hang up to advertise in those Vietnamese coffee shops. You either will get a lot of single guys coming out or a lot of coffee "hostess"!

    Just kidding. Wish I can ride with you guys but will be busy with kids this Saturday. Have fun and see you on Sunday instead!

    Hey let's do some climbing or something harder this Sunday. It's time for another high calorie burning ride. July is coming and it's serious riding time "Le Tour" style (e.g. a lung busting ride)!

  2. I made a wrong turn and ridden with the A1's route. Man...that was "lung busting ride". However, we love to have Duc stayed back with group A2 and pulled us 23 - 26 mph the way back on the River bed.

  3. i can make a poster only if someone provide me a photo of a coffee shop's girl wearing VV jersey hehehe..
    see you all Sunday and do some hill climbing or long ride