Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Friendly/Social Ride" - Saturday morning

All VV Members,

Behalf of 2 Cap'ts in OC & MN and Officers we would like to let you all know that as we can see new member keeps adding to our list monthly/bi-monthly, that's GREAT news! Our club is getting more organized than ever before, and we would love to see our club grow faster, bigger and stronger every year. First, we would make VV opens up more to the order of doing that we will be hosting a "Friendly/Social Ride" (Whatever you want to call this...give me your sense of humor please) in the next couple of weeks for all ride levels.

Listen up our VV brothers & sisters! If you happen to know any one from your work, family, neighbors, friends wants to ride a bike but do not know where and afraid to ride alone on a is their chance, ask them come to meet us. All you need to do is get their names and phone numbers we will contact them or have them call us direct and/or direct them to our VV's Blog to sign up for this "Friendly/Social Ride" event on the June 26th, Saturday morning at 8:30 am (the location will be announced). If this successfully done we will continue this tradition on every Saturday morning ride.

This will be a fun ride, attacking & NOT allowed...we will only cruising, chit chatting & laughing, where we'll have a chance to meet new friends and recruiting new VV members. We will have doughnuts and coffee served before the ride.

Anyway, please get involve and supportive show up with a friend/relative/co-worker...or just yourself...

Let us know what you think?

Toan Hoang (949) 331-6400
Long Tran (626) 827-9457

Ride On...


  1. it is nice if we can ride on Saturday one in a while. i don't think everyone will have time to ride both day. me i can't ride on Saturday because of my job

  2. Great idea. I will check my calendar and see if I can come out.

  3. That's a great idea. Sorry to miss it , we the P-Group will be off to venture some yummy wines. :)

  4. That is a good idea for family member or friend. But we have to take it easy on guests.