Thursday, July 22, 2010

Future vv warrior

Here is Nic Jr. Right now he's the baby warrior in the house and already interested in cycling. We watch the TDF together and he already likes Cancellara's tt skills and the climbing skills of Contador.

Lets hope jr. will be in the tdf when he gets a little bit older.


  1. He will be ready in no time!!! Nic Jr will be tearing the legs off of the A1 wolves on the bike!!!

  2. Never too early to get interest in riding. If jr is like daddy, he's going to be terrorizing others on the bike.

    Feed him well so he can grow grow and fast.

  3. Hello Nic,

    I love that picture! I can't believe his arms are long enough to sticking out of your jersey's sleeves! When are you going to train him? :)

    Take care!