Monday, August 16, 2010

VeloViet's Summer BBQ Party - The Couples

There were couples everywhere. Most members brought along their spouse or significant other. Here are some pictures of VeloViet's couples.

Photo #1 - Big H and his Beautiful Wife

Photo #2 - Soon to be Papa Dave and his Pregnant Wife Lauren

Photo #3 - TZ and his Very Cute Girlfriend

Chi's son just bought the Canon 5D a few weeks ago, and helped me alot with the photo shoot. He knew a lot more how to set up for portraits than I did. Chi, tell your son I said thanks!

Photo #4 - Chi and his Wife

When I came up to take a picture of Co, she introduced me to her husband. The resemblance to Mac was there so I asked, and learned that her husband is Mac's younger brother. Keeping it all in the family!

Photo #5 - The Ever Gorgeous Co and Her Husband

Photo #6 - Mac seems to be paying more attention to his chicken wings than his Cute Girlfriend Michelle

I think Cap't mentioned on e-mail that Candy's friend Mark and his wife just joined the VeloViet club. If so, welcome guys!

Photo #7 - Candy's Friend Mark and his Wife

Alex's girlfriend also came out and rode with us a few times. I think this was before we had a Newbie Group and we were too fast for her first ride. Alex, get her to come out and ride again man!

Photo #8 - Alex and his Cute Girlfriend Ausora

I did get a chance to come up and thank Adrian for letting Tuan come out and ride with us on Sundays. Tuan, you can pay me later buddy!

Photo #9 - Tuan and his Beautiful Wife Adrian

I did the same to Scott's wife and thank her for letting him come out and play. Scott, can you let me pass on a turn at the front now?

Photo #10 - Scott and his Beautiful Wife

Last, but not least, is Cap't and his beautiful and supporting wife Paulina. It takes a lot of commitment from her to allow him to ride so much, so that he can be so strong on the bike, and to be the Cap't of our bike club. Thanks Paulina from all of us!!!

Photo #11 - Cap't and his Ever Supporting Wife Paulina



  1. Another thoughtful idea, couples. Nice touch. This means alot to most of us. These are all supporting wife or girlfriends to keep us riding.

    Thank you all...

  2. Watch out Cuong! You have competition.

  3. For those interested, here's a charity century ride in OC on Oct 9. It's Ride for AIDS. The entry fee is $500 and they will accept up to 250 riders. For more info:

    Thanks again all for a fine BBQ day.

  4. Wanted to clarify the entry fee of the charity ride...

    "OCRA is a one day, weekend ride limited to 250 riders. A $50.00 registration fee will begin your fundraising requirements. Each rider is required to meet a minimum fundraising goal of $500."

    See website for more info. Thanks.

  5. Billy, are you kidding? No way am I going to take better pictures than Cuong. He is "The Man" at photography!

    Cuong, I hope you are enjoying the recaps and find it motivating and help you ride in Santa Cruz. See you soon!

  6. Now the girlfriends/wives should have no more complain why their boyfriends/husbands always taking 1/2 day of Sunday out for riding...huff & puff, sweat out like a wet-dog!

    This to keep up with their beautiful ladies!