Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bump-n-Ride Bike Workshop

Hi VeloViets and Friends,

VeloViet had its first ever bike workshop today, whooo... hooo!!! The workshop was hosted by Cap't Thomas at his new house! Parking spaces went quickly as lots of folks came out for this event. Here are some photos before the clinic got started.

Photo - No More Parking Spaces so We Started to Double Park!

Photo - John, Jonathan, Hoa, Anh Minh, Randy, and Billy D

Photo - Steve, Blake, Toan, Daniel, Keith, Sarah, Brian, and Anh Minh

Photo - Cap't Bike Arsenal

To kick off the workshop, Cap't first introduced the instructor, our very own Master Racer Haldane! Cap't noted that Haldane joined the VeloViets in the first quarter of 2011, and he brought in a new "pro" feel that our club have never had. Since 1976, Haldane has won 30 gold state championships and a silver medal at the United States Olympic Trials. He was a member of the United States National Cycling Team from 1989-1993 (the youngest member at the time), as well as a five time national medalist. In 1992, he took 2nd in the U.S. Olympic Trials in the Team Pursuit.

In 2006, Haldane became the General Manager of the Rock Racing professional cycling team, where he was largely responsible for building it up from the ground floor which lead to four national cycling championships in 2008. Haldane is currently the Director Sportif for the Yahoo! Cycling. Team Yahoo! Cycling just won the Mount Hood Cycling Classic! Man... the VeloViets are lucky to have this wealth of bike experiences in person!

Haldane opened the session talking about bike etiquettes, drafting, paceline riding, and all sorts of bike topics. Members were busy asking all sorts of questions, simple topics from nutrition to the more interesting topic of sex before an epic ride. All sorts of topics were covered!

Photo - Sarah Asking a Question

Photo - Members Listed Attentively While Haldane Point Out Bike Tips

Photo - Anh Minh Asking a Question

Photo - Members Listening to Bike Tips

After the classroom session, we went to the hands-on session. This have got to be one of the most fun times we had on the bikes! Check out these photos!

Photo - Double Paceline Session

Photo - Single Paceline Session

Photo - Toan Getting Fresh with Sang

The the fun really got started as we moved onto the grass. Here folks were really letting out their agression as they literally try to "bump" off another riders. It was really fun to watch as folks were flying every which way.

Photo - BigH Taking Out FedEx with an Elbow

Photo - Lilliana Trying to Take Out Ted

Photo - Hoan and Jonathan taking a Tumble

Photo - Randy and Steve Were the Two Most Agressive Riders Today!

Photo - I am Taking You Out!

Photo - Going Down!

Photo - Arnel Trying to Take Out Duc

Photo - Yet another Fall from Jonathan

The workshop ended with a great BBQ party back at Cap't house! We had Korean style ribs, various Korean dishes, BBQ chicken, salad, and other goodies. Members had a great time chatting with each other about all of the bike lessons.

This was a most successful workshop! Thanks to all who attended, but special thanks to our instructor Haldane! We learned a lot today and much appreciate that you took time to share your experiences and knowledge with us! Looking forward to VeloViet's bike workshop next year!

Photo - VeloViet Workshop Attendees



  1. Phong, thanks for all great photo shots and recap!
    That was a great experience "Bike Clinic"! I have learned a lot from the Master Haldane! THANK YOU! I hope our members will ride better and safer from now on...
    Big THANKS to Co & Paulina for putting the BBQ party so quick with good food and awesome atmosphere for the hungry VV pack!

    Ride on...

  2. Thanks Phong for the recap and all those involved in making this a successful clinic. Special thanks goes to Haldane for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Lots of useful info to help the club ride safer and have more fun as a group. I think everyone had a great time bonding and picking up new riding skills. Kudos to the organizers!