Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 VeloViet Summer Picnic

VeloViets and Friends,

The 2012 VeloViet Summer Picnic was at the Blue Lake Park today. Over 100 members, families, and friends showed up. Here is a quick recap...

Cap't, Toan, and I were at the Park at 9 AM to reserve tables and to chat about some VeloViet club items.  At 10 AM, the party set-up crew arrived to start setting up for the picnic.  We join in and everyone started unloading food and drinks from Mac's truck.

Photo - 10 AM Party Set-Up Crew
Photo - How Many VeloViets Does It Take to Put Up a Banner?

Photo - Success!

We had so... MANY... food. There was a Taco Stand, chicken curry and french bread from Chef DuyAnh, Vietnamese friend rice, goi cuon spring rolls, egg rolls, pizza for the kids, salads, fruits, and many more items.

Photo - Chick Curry from Chef DuyAnh
Photo - Taco Stand
Photo - FedEx Loading Up on the Taco Stand

Photo - BaoAnh Picking the Ingredients to His Taco

And we had drinks too!  Besides the usual sodas, water, juices for the kids, we had a "special" cooler with some imports as well as a "secret" drink mix from Anh Minh.  This stuff was strong!

Photo - Anh Minh and His Secret Magarita Mix

The Summer Picnic is one of the ways for our members to bring their immediate families and the VeloViet family together.  Here our families get to met the many cyclists who we spent most Sunday mornings with.

Photo - Vu's Family
Photo - Tri and Family

 Photo - Huong and Family

Photo - Chanh and Family

Photo - Lilliana, Luke, Marcel, and Sebastian
Photo - Karen, Dave, and Kids

Photo - Minh, James, and Their Kids
Photo - Nancy, Tan, and Their Kids
Photo - FedEx Hung and His Family

Photo - Tammy, Kiet, and Their Daughter
Photo - Triet, Kristee, and Their Kids
Photo - Larry and His Wife

Photo - Thang and ChauLinh

Photo - Daniel and His Daughter

Photo - Lily and Her Daughter
Photo - Tuan Brought His Two Kids
Photo - Ava and Her Dad Scott
Photo - Martin and His Daughter
Photo - Karen and Her Son

Photo - ChauLinh's Sister and Her Kids

The VeloViet Men were having great fun socializing and catch up with more cycling talk.  We had discussions about Pinos, Colnagos, Treks, etc.... You name any cycling manufacturer, we talked about it!  Here are some of the photos of the guys hanging loose at the party.

Photo - Chanh, An, Loi, Scott, Phong, Brian, Toan, Kiet, Dave, Tan, and BaoAnh
Photo - Toan, Thomas, Brian, Kevin, and Mac
Photo - An, Charles, and Kiet
Photo - Scott and Candy

Photo - Gary and BaoAnh Hanging Out

Photo - Rock Racer An and Loi
I must honestly say that our gorgeous VeloViet Ladies looks so much better in street clothes than in spandex!  Those helmets and leggings that our ladies wear do no justice for our fine looking ladies.  Check out the photos.

Photo - The Ladies 

Photo - BigH's Twin Daughters and Wife
Photo - Co and Paulina

Photo - Kristee and Kym
Photo - Tammy and Yvonne
Photo - Nicole
Photo - Kym and ChauLinh
Photo - Huong and Her Friend
Photo - Kristee and Co
 Photo - Lilliana Posing and the Taco Guys Seemed to Really Appreciate It!
The VeloViets Kids are so cute!  Some have boundless energy and look to be fine cyclists in the future.

Photo - Jame's and Minh's Daughter

Photo - Marcel and Sebastian

Photo - Karen and Dave's Kids
Photo - Ava Enjoying the Shade

In tradition, the VeloViet hosted a bike clinic at the picnic.  This year we had our very own Cap't Thomas showing the Ladies and rookies how to remove a wheel, change a tube, and replace the wheel back onto the bike.  The Ladies were very attentive, and some were even willing to get a bit dirty for this bike repair.

Photo - Trek Bike Ready for Demo

Photo - The Ladies Paying Attention to Cap't Thomas
Photo - The Ladies Looking a Little Perplex Initially
 Photo - Lily Asking Lots of Questions
Photo - Nancy and Lilliana Working Hard at the Bike Repair

Besides all  the chatting, we had some action too.  There was swimming in the pool, games on the basketball court, ball toss, party mobile, carnicature, and more... 
Photo - The Party Mobile
Photo - Mac Showing Luke the Party Mobile

Photo - Anh Hiep Drawing Sebastian
Photo - Sebastian on Paper

Photo - Anh Hiep's Drawings

Photo - Anh Hiep Drawing Cap't
Photo - Nicole Preparing for a Toss
Photo - And Showing Her Fine Form 

Photo - Photographer BaoAnh Enjoying the Shade

Photo - Photographer BaoAnh Posing with the Ladies

 Photo - Candy Cozying Up to the Ladies 

The 2012 VeloViet Picnic was a success!  Thanks to Kristee for leading this up, and also to our strong support staff of Toan, Co, Karen, Kym, Mac, Billy, DuyAnh, Anh Minh, Brian, Chanh, and Cap't Thomas.

Photo - The 2012 Summer BBQ VeloViet Group

See you at next year's VeloViet Summer Picnic!


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  1. Judging from all the candid photos, it looks more of a boisterous family reunion than a casual cycling club's BBQ soirée. Kids, wayward uncles, soccer moms (with killer pedaling legs), sports aficionado dads, and doting aunts, all tied the bright autumn day together into a festive occasion. Wish I could've joined in the fray as the long lost senile "bac" from the old country. Perhaps, next year, if I remember it...