Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 VeloViet Bike Clinic

Hi VV Members & Friends,

Right after the Photoshoot (see previous Blog post), the VeloViet club hosted the first 2013 Bike Clinic.  As usual, Coach Haldane directed and led the VeloViet Rookies through a series of fun bike handling sessions.  Here are some photos...

Photo - Coaches Gone Wild!

Photo - Setting Up the Course

Photo - The Obstacle Course

 Photo - Pre-Clinic Speech

 Photo - Navigating the Cones

Photo - Kristy Giving Shouts of Encouragements

Photo - DuyAnh Enjoying the Show!

Photo - Karen Having a Laugh

 Photo - Keep Right!

Photo - The VeloViet Weave...

Photo - Mid-Clinic Discussions

Photo - A1 Veterans Relaxing & Having a Cold Drink

 Photo - Will You Hold My Hand?

Photo - Tan and Nancy

Photo - This Clinic Thing is Fun!

Photo - VV Ladies Having a Good Laugh

 Photo - Crash!

Photo - What is Wrong with this Picture?

 Photo - Will You Hold My Bottle For Me?

Photo - Bottle Swapping Ladies

Photo - Don't Let Go Yet!

Photo - Look Ma... No Hands!

 Photo - Drill on the Grass

 Photo - Bumpy Ride

 Photo - Crash Too!

Photo - Coach Haldane Looking On...

Special thanks to Coach Haldane for this wonderful bike handling clinic.  Our VeloViet members will definitely find these lessons usual as they tackle more technical rides in 2013!


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