Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 VeloViet's Thales Ride

Hi Everyone,

We had a fun social ride this past Sunday from Mile Square Park to Thales in Irvine.  Thales is one of the leading manufacturer of In-Flight Entertainment Systems, and they are a major sponsor of the Air Force Cycling Classic in Arlington, Virginia.

At the start in Mile Square Park, Co-Captain Dave declared this is the largest crowd he has seen for a while on our normal Sunday's ride.  We had roughly about 45 riders, including some "MIA" riders we have not seen in a while like Arnel, Julio, Tiffany, and Spartacus.  Here are some photos:

Photo - Thales Riders Toan, Kym, and Paul
 Photo - Julio in the VeloViet's Classic Red Kit
Photo - Kiet and Chanh
Photo - Henry and Luke

Photo - VeloViet Guys
 Photo - VeloViet Ladies
Photo - Tiffany and Annie
Photo - Mike and Annie

After a quick pow-wow, we rolled to PCH.  The Thales riders in our group even get to pull the pack for a bit on Bushard.

Photo - Thales Well Represented in the Peloton

Photo - Toan and Paul Pulling the Pack

Photo - Brian and John Pulling the Pack

Photo - Annie and Nancy

Photo - Tuan and Turbo Karen
At PCH, we picked up a few more riders, including the Rock Racing Crew.

Photo - Thales Crew and Rock Racing Brothers

Photo - Paul and the Road Captains Keith, Dave, Luke, and Scott
The "blood-thirst" hounds were restless as we kept the speed down to around 21 mph so far.  On PCH, the first attack came from none other than Buddha.  John and Brian were pulling the pack at the time, and Buddha sprinted pass these two.  No reaction from the riders and the pack regroup.
The second attack came on the first hill near Jamboree.  Spartacus attacked trying to lure out Turbo Karen, the QoM of the past few years, who had took him out on last week climb at Newport Coast.  Surprisingly, the reaction was not from Turbo, but from other A1 members, but again, the pack regrouped at the top.
Energy now spent, the pack stayed together and the group arrived at Thales in Irvine as a pack for even more photo op!
Photo - ChauLinh Reaching for the Perfect Selfie

Photo - The Thales "Force"
Photo - Thales Riders
The remaining ride was fun, with lots of socializing.  Overall, this was a super fun ride as we have not had a social ride with the pack intact for a while, and with a large group.  Here is a recap video for your enjoyment.

Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting this ride!  Hope to see you on the road soon!

Until next time,

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