Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lance Armstrong Nike Commercial

One of the best commercial IMHO. Never gets old. Always inspirational.


  1. Hi gentlemen,

    This is LA. Thanks for the free advertisement. It is people like you that buy my Nike products to make me ridiculously rich. I could not afford my private jet or date the many models that are thrown my way by my famous friends such as Ben Stiller or Matt McCounahey.

    Keep up the good work VV riders, and please continue to support LiveStrong and Nike!


  2. Hola,

    Me llamo es Alberto Contador. I will write in Englis now as you may not hablo Espano.

    This video suks! How coud you postee this? It is I who won le Tour, El Pistolero. Lance comes in third, yes? You should be postee something from Espana.

    I will tear down le Shack next year. Es no more!


  3. fukc Alberto! lol