Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VV - please show up this weekend for a surprise make up ride. Since I had a blow out last weekend, it's going to be a make up ride. who's in?


  1. dang...I really want to ride this weekend but had this Big Bear trip planned for some time now. Hvae fun and see you all next week!

  2. can we add spell check to this blog? lol

  3. I am in since I missed out last weekend. You guys are lucky to be able to ride everyweek.

  4. I am out Capt. I have my hands full of kids this weekend.

    Maybe we can ask some of our stronger riders, like The Animal, yourself, etc... to each pull one of those kids trailer??? You guys get a good workout and we get to keep up with you guys. It's a win-win situation :-)