Monday, September 21, 2009

9/20 Ride Report

8:00 AM rolls around, no Cap't. The buzz word was that Cap't was out of commision, due to a broken water heater at home. It took a broken water heater to slow him down. Good, I thought, it will be a relaxing ride.

8:05 AM the tandems showed up. There were four, and they swarmed around the single riders. On each had a female stoker. Wow, lots of ladies, and I thought, we get to draft. Excellent!

8:10 AM we rolled out. Long, Loc, and I got stuck at a red light and had to play catch up. Hmmm... not good as I thought.

River trail, Scott M and Billy D took the front for us. We were pedalling in unity and folks were chatting. Tuan snapping pictures, and the Peleton relaxing and posing. Time to try out the Rookie Attack move. I was way down in the General Classification so they let me escape to the beach first!

Rolling out of the pit stop, the speed picked up and the Peleton shattered. Andy was doing what he can to coaxed a new rookie to the 2nd pit stop, Laguna gas station. They made it, but the rookie seemed to be out of it. Rolling again...

The Animal took over and speed climbed to 20-22 mph UP the 133. Scott must have pulled 2/3 of the way, then Tuan and one of the new guy took over. The three of them rotate through in unison. I worked hard just to maintain a draft. Hmmm... not as easy as I thought!

Up on top we got SAG support! Cap't arrived in his Mini Cooper, and we semi motor-paced to the 3rd pit stop, Irvine gas station. At least I have a ride home now if I don't make it.

After 10 minutes waiting around, Scott M, Tuan, and the new guy took off. I stayed behind with Long and Billy to wait for the rest of the group. We sent Cap't off in the Cooper to look for the group. They arrived about 10 minutes later.

Andy's apprentice arrived, was fried, and done. The kid had a 53cm Merckx and he was only about 5'-4". The bike was way oversized. New folks, get yourself fitted before you attempt riding over 20 miles! We sent Andy, his apprentice, and one of the tandem home via a short cut.

The remaining crew continued. The two Billies pulled at the front, while Long and I played sag on the back. Candy, one of the tandem pair, was working hard and helped out closing gaps. Good job!

Back at the parking lot after 12 noon. Total ride time was 4 hours 15 minutes, a bit long for 60 miles but our breaks were a bit long. Time to pack up and go.

Next week will be interesting... Tandems on Newport Coast! Stay tuned!

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  1. very entertaining Phong! haha. had me laughing.