Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Ride Pics 9.20.09

Rolling out of Mile Square Park

Couple of new riders. Must have had over 24 riders today.

Lots of tandems today (4x) Need to convert those Surf Cyclery Jersey to VELOVIET!!!!!

Slooooowwwwwwlllllllllly rolling out!!!!!!!!

Stuck at the light, me taking pic of Dr. Tan and vice versa.

Rolling along

Down SART (Santa Ana River Trail)
Phong's been training hard. He decided to take a solo breakaway. Didn't see him till the restroom.

Crossing the wooden bridge in Hungtington Beach

Master Andy giving an advice to a newbie.


  1. It is kind of nice to see ride pics. It gives us all a perspective of how our ride went.

    Thanks for the pics Tuan.

  2. The last pic of Andy and his apprentice....aaahhhhh. It brings back memory when I first started with VeloViet. Andy was always there. Big Ups Andy!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello VV OC, Great looking group!

    Surf Cyclery will ask to join VeloViet soon!
    We need to out number them everytime we ride and ride well ... so all VVs please come out and ride and show our pride!

    Wow! lots of Tandem Teams there! We only have ONE Tandem Team in MN.

    Pics = 1000 words,
    Pics + words = Powerful Motivation!

    Take care,
    Quang Vo
    ps! sorry about my profile pic! This is the blog one of the team member from Tean Strong Heart set up for me back last year ... and I am leaving at that for now! For those of you have FB ... you can see pics of VVs from MN there!

  4. awesome pictures! i can feel the excitement and fun from the pictures =)

  5. hey don't have to say sorry about your profile picture. take a look at mine. i make no apology for it. it was the best model picture i had of myself. hehe

  6. I was practicing my Rookie Attack solo move.

    I think the Peleton will not let me escape the next time.

  7. Thanks for the great ride and nice meeting all of you. Hope to do it again.