Sunday, September 13, 2009

AMTRAK Century For Rookies

It was Friday night and every rider who's preparing for Amtrak Century is busying loading up with carbo-dinner. Some just have a different way of loading.

Group 1: Gathering at Andy's pad. He made special homemade spaghettti. Loaded with goodies. Of course, we can't just go Italian, we have Japanese - sushi baby. Not to mention, Vietnamese and others. With such good food, we need to wash it down with some brewski...Since we were planning on a century ride, Andy has set a limit on number of beer bottle for each guest...max limit was 2...and you believe him...It was a case of two more, then two more until we run out of beer. Those, like myself, can't handle alcohol just have to settle for Andy's wife famouns strawberry-banana smoothies. Love it. Thanks Andy.

Group 2: Mac Daddy and company. Of course these guys are also know for partying. In preparation for his first century, Mac went out Friday and surf to lossen up for the long ride. Unfortunately, he ran into a sting ray. Guess who wins? He got stung on left foot. You can see it swolen several days later. If you ever been stung by a stink ray, please DO NOT PISS ON IT. It doesn't work. On for jelly fish...don't even try it.

Group 3: Peaceful White Boys. Most hit the sack by 9PM with bike, water bottle, and gears already loaded up in the car. Speaking of early ready, we agreed that 6:30AM most would roll out of Andy's pad. What do you think? A bunch of Vietnamese riders will start prompty at 6:30?

Saturday morning rolls around. Group 3 of on the road before 6:30 AM. Group make up of Ed, Richard, Scott M, and Thomas. We have 12 miles to ride before meeting everyone at the train station. We were there very early and found no VV riders.

Group 1. Andy, Scott D, Dashaan, Billy D, Duc, A Loc. They started rolling at 6:31AM. Can you believe it. By the way, there was a bet between Andy and I that group 1 would not be rolling by 6:30, they were pretty damn close.

Group 2. Finally loaded up their cars. Somehow, car took off without all riders. It has to be circled back to pick up Mac. Once they were rolling, it didn't take the car long to arrive at train station.

Peloton was ready and rolling by 7:40 AM. Fifteen riders. Some are riding their first century. Hooray!!! Big group roll out of train station. We didn't have a clue of the route. Thomas suggested a nice and easy rolling hill for the tandem group. It was great entire 15 riders hung together. Most have on VV Red Jersey. It didn't last long. Once the rolling hills kick in, the pack started to split up into multiple small group. As much as Thomas tried to keep the pack together, it was almost impossible. Just as we suspected, six people missed the right turn and they kept going straight. Once we realized a small pack got splitted, of course, they send Thomas to catch them. Thanks goodness for a steep hill, I was able to catch the group and improvided a loop to catch on peloton. Five miles later, the pack was regrouped. We rode together until first Amtrak scheduled stop.

After a quick restroom break, we started riding again. This time, pack hung together until San Juan Capistrano. It splits again. For most part, it was 3 small pack until second scheduled stop. Carl's Jr. At this time, Ed, Richard, Scott M and Thomas were turning around. Leaving 11 riders continuing the journey to Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Billy will have to continue here...I'm out. Please attach pictures as well.



  1. group 3, peaceful white boys sleep by 9....i know that is true! haha

  2. Great recap. Thanks Cap't.

    The strawberry-banana shake must be the secret century food. I am trying this on the next Tour de Palm Springs!