Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hincapie to BMC!!!

Maybe Lance should have let George get the yellow jersey in July. And Columbia, no clue what they are thinking. Who led out Cavendish for all those wins?


  1. Radio Shack is not built for sprinting so I don't think Hincap would have been that much of a help. Old tired legs...

    I hear Cadel Evans will be on Radio Shack? That would be cool if true...

  2. btw...I believe Mark Renshaw was Cav's main lead out guy.

  3. Hincapie was the guy that got Renshaw and Cavendish into position. Also the guy who was at Lance's side for all his tour wins.

  4. LA was trying to recruit Tony Martin (Columbia HR) to join the RS Team but was turned down...I guess
    money isn't everything