Sunday, August 21, 2011

VeloViet SEAL Team 6 - The Hunt in Malibu

Okay VeloViet Sunday Brothers and Sisters... we are going into home turf of the A1 crew (aka the Saturday Malibu Crew). The Saturday Crew have been training on the Malibu hills for a few months now, they will have an advantage of scoping out the terrain on Saturday without us, they have massage ladies after their Saturday ride, they have a sag car filled with steaks and eggs on their Saturday ride, they will sleep an extra 1-1/2 hour on Sunday, and they will be strong!

But we Sunday Malibu riders have heart and determination! We will hunt and attack these Saturday animals until we catch 'em all on the hills. We will be a larger army than they are. We will go into Malibu stealthly and take out the heart of the Saturday Crew, just like SEAL Team 6 with Bin Laden. You can run Saturday Crew...but you can't hide!

So Sunday Brothers and Sisters... come on out to Malibu and help! Do not fear.... we will not leave an injured rider behind. We have the sag car on Sunday too. Do not fear good pain... embrace it!


The Saturday Crew enjoyed a day of relaxation, full body massages, and wine by the sea, while the Sunday Crew burned in the Sun working hard to clear the local bike trail full of rocks. Here is picture of some of the Saturday Crew dining by the stars at Duke's restaurant.

Photo - The Gorgeous VeloViet Ladies

Kidding!!! I think the Saturday Crew did a tough ride. I did not ride but perhaps folks whho went can tell us a bit about it.


Unfortunately, I was on the receiving end of the attack. Those Saturday riders were still strong! Both Lukes (The Beast and Kazu) were here today and they were going nutz on them hills. Both the guys were feed off each other's energy and lit up the first hills of Latigo!

Photo - The Sunday Attack Crew

Photo - Front Riders Luke and Luke

Photo - The Pack Chasing

The pack chased hard after these two, and contained some of our best climbers: Billy, Gerardo, Arnel, and Hoa. This front group disappeared quickly as the roads turns steeply upward.

Photo - Gerardo focusing on the Climb with Arnel Following

Photo - Second Pack Chasing

Kristy (aka Queen of the Mountain) was all serious on the climb. She had her game face on and up the pace on the steeper section of Latigo. She had all the guys, including me and Cap't, scrambling to respond.

Photo - Kristy... All Focus in the Climb

There were a total of 2 sag vehicles: Master Photographer Allen and Haldane in the car and Yvonne, Chanh's wife, and his daughter in the van. Allen and Haldane were hopping back and forth on the route, stopping to take photos or passing a rider a drink, while Yvonne were carrying the main food and drinks. Both sag teams performed flawlessly!

Photo - Haldane Giving Toan a Push

Photo - Haldane Delivering Water to Kristy

Photo - Sag Van and the VeloViets

A little later, it was Thomas throwing down the hammer and gunning for it. Hoa and I was nearby, and only Hoa was able to respond to this acceleration.

Photo - Thomas Making a Move on Hoa

Photo - Ironman Practicing His "Top of Climb" Winning Gesture

At the halfway mark, we enjoyed a little rest at the Biker Bar. I had a chance to snap a few more photos.

Photo - First Crew to Biker Bar

Photo - My Ducati is Faster than Your Ducati!

Photo - That is a NICE Bike!

Photo - Uyen and Roxy

Photo - VeloViet Crew at Halfway Point

We proceeded back up Latigo. Everyone was slowly going away from me and initially I thought I was just tired. A little later, I started bouncing on the road and looked down. Darn it... an almost flat tire!

As I was changing, a few VeloViets came up and I waved them on. Uyen and her friend though was adamant in staying and making sure I had no other mechanical issues. Thanks Uyen!

Off we went again and reached the crew in front who waited for us on top of the hill. Seems like there were a couple of cute bikers there and the guys wanted any kind of excuses to stop and chat with these folks.

Photo - Keith Chatting with a Couple of Cute Bikers that We Met

We quickly descend Latigo and rolled back to the car. Time to eat!

Photo - Time for Some Lobster Tail!

Photo - Hey... That is A Lot of Shrimp!

Photo - Master Photographer Allen Bean On The Other Side of the Camera

Photo - Paulina and Cap't Preparing to Order a Feast

Photo - Sang and Uyen Getting Ready to Order Some Chow

Having a brew after a hard ride is the best! We all toasted to Anh Minh (aka Ride 4 Beer) who could not joined us today. Here is to you Anh Minh!

Photo - Anh Minh... Here is a Toast to You!

Photo - Duc and Billy Enjoying a Brew

Of course a good ride must end with some group photos. Well here are some!

Photo - Tom Cruise and Kristy

Photo - VeloViet Beach Team

Photo - Beach Group

The kids had a great time playing in the sand, while the wives gossip. My wife Tina had a great time hanging out at the beach with Tammy, Kiet's wife. These two were the only ones on there as the other ladies were probably out shopping!

Photo - Going to Find Me Some Treasure!

Photo - Burried in the Sand

Photo - Marcel and Sebastian of Team 6 Found and Slay The Beast

I thought today's ride was actually easy... but I did not do the ride yesterday which I was told was a lot harder. These folks who rode both days were absolutely beat after today's ride. Here is a photo that described what they felt!

Photo - The Vultures Came Out for a Feast on Today's Casualties

Special thanks again to Allen for those gorgeous photos, Haldane for pushing us up those hills, Yvonne for carrying food and water to us, and Yvonne's daughter for supporting her mom in the van. All the e-mails are buzzing back and forth already from riders voicing their appreciation to the #1 sag team!

See you all on the road soon! I hoped you enjoyed the brief recap and pictures!



  1. Great blog as always. That was fun and glad everyone made it out to Malibu. I feel so fortunate to have the canyons nearby to train on. Thanks everyone for a successful ride. P.S. I especially love the Vulture!

  2. Thank you Phong for a quick recap. Thanks all FLB came out and support our rides. Got to love the SAG van and it was put to full use for carrying food, water, bikes and riders, many thanks to Yvonne. My family had a great time.

  3. Kristy, you are a much better climber since the GMR ride. Living in LA near these hills and your training really paid off! You were putting the hurt on me and a lot of the other folks.

    Kiet, my wife and daughter really enjoyed your wife's and daughter's company. Thanks for bringing them. On the next remote ride, we will hook more wives and kids up!

  4. Thanks for the toast! I wish I was there with you but Bodega bay wasn't bad at all. Fun is hard to trade.... Til next time take care each other.


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  7. First of all, I have to admit Luke & Uyen had put out a great route for everyone to enjoy. Kudos!
    Second, Yvonne (Chanh's wife) & kid did excellent job of SAG' ing team VeloViet...Many thanks to their supportive & spirit...without them those vultures would have a big feast from the VeloViet carcasses! :-).
    Third, Allen Beans & team Veloviet's coach Haldane had done a terrific job on those memory pictures & mentally support along those winding, up & keep-going-up mountain roads. Those pixs & camaraderie last a life time, 2 thumbs way up!

    Last but not least, riding & spending time on the beach with Veloviet's friends & family after the hard ride...PRICELESS!!!

    Until then...Ride on!

  8. I had a blast on Sunday. Wish I was there on Saturday to double the fun. Luke did an outstanding job planning the routes. The A2 routes were hard but manageable for all to enjoy. Harder A1 routes were also available to challenge the die hards. There were many moments to test one’s resolve and many rose to the occasion.

    Bravo to those that conquered the hills on both days. The SAG team, led by Yvonne, did an outstanding job in providing nutritional, mechanical and moral support. The moments were also well captured by professional photographer, Allen Bean. Post ride lunch by the families at the beautiful Paradise Cove was perfect to top off the weekend.

    Thanks to all riders who supported VeloViet by participating in this event. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this an epic weekend. VeloViet’s major events are getting increasingly exciting. Can’t wait for the next one. Until then, ride hard and be safe.

  9. What a great weekend for VV riders and FLBs to spend time in Malibu. If you weren't riding,I meant suffering on the bike, you may have time to enjoy the blue sky, elevated mountain view, and crashing waves.

    I can sum it up, "SUPER FANTASTIC WEEKEND!" Oops, did I forget to mention the pain?

    I thought Martin said it best, "it's a tough ride, but we love it so much. We wanted more."

    Congrats to all that came and supported the ride. And special thanks to all that have contributed to this successful ride. Man, we keep raising the bar. It will be tough to match, but we will definitely try.


  10. Another great chapter of sharing--passion for cycling, pain and suffering, good memories, personal victories, fun times, tasty foods, inspiring friends...experiences to embrace...I look forward to building more beautiful memories with you all.

  11. Reflecting Harry Potter's universal theme that no one person can succeed alone in life, we all owe a profound gratitude to Velo Viet and its selfless supporting crews for another magical cycling experience. None of us could have achieved great heights on both Latigo and Corral without the following alchemy --- a dedicated SAG team led by Yvonne and her helpful crew, the understated leadership of Luke Bilger, Uyen's unabashed enthusiasm for hills, Allen Bean's skillful photography that captured our triumphs and drama, Haldane's constant morale boosting on the sides, and of course, Phong and his creative eloquence in encapsulating the essence of Malibu for prosperity. It was truly a magical day. Thank you.