Sunday, December 4, 2011

The 2011 VeloViet Christmas Extravaganza

Lights... Camera... Action!!!

The 2011 VeloViet season officially ended last night with a Hollywood-themed, end-of-year, Christmas party at Mac's bachelor pad. The men and women of the VeloViet Cycling Club came out dressed to "thrill" and brought along their dancing shoes. Here is how the party went...

My family and I arrived at 7 PM and the party has just got started. I honestly did not recognized some members without their cycling kits as people came up to me and said hi. I quickly break out the camera and took photos. Here are pictures of some of the members in their party gear.

Photo - Brian, Larry, DuyAnh, Kevin, and Guests

Photo - Big Minh, Kiet, and Brian

Photo - Mrs FedEx, FedEx, Guest, Kristy, Sarah, and Haldane

Photo - Keith, Ironman, Ted, and BaoAnh's Date Christina

Photo - Donovan, BigH, Kazu, FedEx, and Brian

Folks were circulating around as you can see from the photos. Here are some more photos of members chatting with one another.

Photo - Steve and Haldance Having a Good Laugh

Photo - Andy and Mac Warming Up to Each Other

Photo - Donovan and Anh Minh Enjoying the Food

Photo - Best of Friends Ironman and The Archer Kazu

Photo - Tuan Rubbing BigH's Bald Head for Cycling Luck

Photo - The 3 Amigos, Thang, Chi, and Steve

There were a few folks capturing the moment. I was taking pictures, along with Jonathan and Kiet, while Cuong was working the video camera. Here we are in action:

Photo - Phong Taking a Brief Rest from Taking Pictures

Photo - Cuong Working the Video Camera

Photo - Photographer Jonathan Resting Prior to a Shoot

Most members brought their significant other to the party. I was introduced to a quite a few spouses and fiances. In between taking photos, I got a chance to talk "bike" with Rose's husband Peter who is a Cat 3 racer. Peter and Rose moved from Chicago, and he was saying that he is surprised folks were not riding in 60 degrees weather as this is still "ridable" temperature to him. I cracked up when I heard this, and mentioned that OC folks won't come out of bed if temperature is in the 60s, let alone ride! We gotta talk to Rose and ask her to bring Peter out soon.

Here are some photos of couples.

Photo - Rose and Her Husband Pete

Photo - Lisa and Long

Photo - Sang and His Wife

Photo - DuyAnh and His Date

Photo - Ngoc and His Wife

Photo - Danny and His Wife

Photo - James and Minh

Photo - Hung and His Wife

Photo - Andy and His Date

Photo - Billy and Our Bartender Amy

Ladies, ladies, ladies... All of the VeloViet Ladies and member's spouses were absolutely gorgeous! Everyone was dressed to impressed as the theme was Hollywood!

I was blown away at how nice some of our gals were looking in short skirt dresses and curly hair. Those cycling kits, helmet, and glasses do not do any justice to our ladies. Check them out below.

Photo - Uyen Posing Hollywood Style

Photo - Kristy and Sarah

Photo - Nancy, Tammy, and Tina

Photo - Minh, Guest, Karen, and Thu

Photo - Sarah and Paulina

Photo - Julie and Co

Photo - Lilliana and Kristy

Photo - Mimi, Minh, and Karen

This is a family affair so kids were present as well. Here is some photos of the future of the VeloViet club!

Photo - Chris, Marcel, Emily, and Sebastian

Photo - KyAnh's Fashionable Son

Photo - Father and Son, Brian and Blake

Photo - Marcel and Mom Lilliana

Photo - Nancy and Her Daughter

Photo - KyAnh's and Family

At 8 PM sharp, the program started with Thomas playing the Master of Ceremony. He talked a little about the club and the rides that we had in 2011.

Next the microphone was turned over to Keith to present the non-cycling awards. There were a lot of members who supported us off the bike and these folks were officially recognized first. Here are some of the recognitions:

Photo - Awards Ready to be Handed Out

Photo - Public Relations, Me!

Photo - Sport Director, Haldane

Photo - Biggest Loser, Steve (Lost 45 lbs Since Riding with the VeloViets!)

Photo - Recruiter of the Year, Rock Racing Brothers

Photo - Contributor of the Year, Cuong

Then came the cycling awards. Everyone have gotten so good this year that the selection were extremely hard. The winners are:

Photo - Best Tandem Crew, Billy and Co

Photo - Mr Century, Keith

The most recognizable cycling awards have got to be the King and Queen of the Mountain awards. To earn this most treasured awards, one have got to have done the epic rides involving the highest catagory climbs.

On the lady's side, Queen Kristy captured the QoM through her accomplishments on the GMR and Malibu mountains. I still remember Kristy putting the hurt to me on those hills in Malibu!

Photo - Our Podium Boy Luke Handing Out the "Queen of the Mountain Award" to Kristy

On the men's side, this award have been held in the past couple of years by the mountain man FedEx. This year though, newcomer The Archer Kazu showed that he is a climbing force to be reckon with as Kazu captured the 2011 KoM. On GMR, Luke Kazu captured the first place prized to the Baldy Village, and in Malibu, he was consistently one of the dominating forces on the front.

I can't wait for 2012 as I believe these two mountain men, FedEx and Kazu, will clash fighting on the high slopes. There too will be a handful of other lightweight cyclists that will chalenge these phenom climbers.

Photo - The Archer Kazu Excited in Receiving the "King of the Mountain" Award

The most outstanding cycling award in the Tour de France is the yellow jersey general classification (GC). In the VeloViet club, the GC too is the most outstanding award, as it recognized a cyclist who not only can climb, but who can perform in all terrain. That award goes to...

Photo - Best Overall, The Beast Luke

Now we get to talk about what to expect next year. Haldane, FedEx, and Luke spoke about the 2012 Bike Clinics, the mid-week bike training, and the need for more volunteers for our growing club. Here are the guys in action:

Photo - FedEx Talked About the New Mid-Week Training Rides

Photo - Luke Talked About Future Volunteering Needs

Photo - Haldane Talked About the 2012 Bike Clinics

Ok all the cycling awards handed out, time to recognized our valuable sponsors. Here are some of our sponsors:

Photo - Steve Getting Recognize for California's Teriyaki Grill Sponsorship

Photo - Keith Receiving the CDM Capital Sponsorship Award

Photo - Mac Doing the Dance for the MacTax Sponsorship Award

Something not on Captain's agenda is our surprise recognition for the positions of VeloViet Co-Captain and Captain. Toan has been Captain's right-hand man, working on the rides as A2 Road Captain and behind the scene at all of the VeloViet events. A well deserved recognition!

Photo - Toan Getting Recognized as Co-Captain of the Year

For Captain's trophy, I told the story of when I first met Thomas. When I met Thomas in 2008, he used to come out to our rides with his color coordinated yellow shoes, yellow kit, and yellow bike. So I used to think of Thomas as Mr. Bling-Bling based upon his appearance.

Then I found out that he can used his legs on the bike as well. In the 2009 Palm Springs Century, Thomas and Scott pulled Long and I around for the entire 103 miles. On those previous Sunday's rides, he used to hurt us Newbies as he was so strong!

As I got to know Thomas in this past couple of years, I began to see his leadership style. he has a quiet and commanding style that works well in a large diverse group like ours. I honestly don't think there is anyone else that can lead the VeloViets but Captain Thomas. Congrats Cap't!

Photo - Captain Getting Smooched by the Podium Girls and Recognized for His Achievement as Captain of the Year

All the awards handed out, all the speeches done, now it is time to get down and PARTY!!!

The live music was performed by none other than the Rock Racing Lam Brothers. These 4 brothers were jamming on the bongos and on their guitars, occasionally accompanied by the female singers that they brought. Man... these guys are talented!

Photo - The Lam Brothers Jamming

Photo - Loi Working the Bongo Drums

Photo - Gorgeous Singers Brought by the Rock Racers

Photo - Party Singer Toasting the VeloViet Cycling Club

Photo - Uyen and Lilliana Enjoying the Live Music

The OC cyclists proved that they can use their legs for other things beside cycling. Here the VeloViet members and their guests got busy on the dance floor in front of the band.

Photo - Guests Ready to Hit the Dance Floor

Photo - Mac Boogying Down

Photo - The Ladies Getting Busy on the Inside Dance Floor

Photo - Captain Showing Us He Can Dance

Photo - The Outside Dance Floor Was Crowded

The 2011 VeloViet season ended with a big Christmas party. Special thanks goes to Billy, Co, and Julie who help lead the pkanning of this party. Once again, camaraderie and friendship were solidify in this festive off-the-bike celebration. It's not just about the bike... but the parties as well ;-)

From the VeloViet Family, and from my family, I wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our members, our friends, our supporters, and to you all who follow us on the VeloViet Blog. Here is to the 2012 season, and we hope to see you cycling on the OC roads!

Photo - Phong and Family Wishing You a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!



  1. Awesome party, we had a great time! Same thing happened to me Phong, I didn't even recognize some of the people without helmet and glasses! I couldn't believe how good everybody looked. No more lycra, the new riding uniform must now be party dress and makeup! VV is much more than just cycling club - glad to have the opportunity to enjoy a great event like this.

  2. Good to see everyone dressed up.

    The A1 riders expected to graduate to the new "race group" expected for 2012

    Oh me

  3. Oh boy...some great dancers in our family!! I had a blast...and learned how to cha-cha dance! Muchas gracias to those who taught me. I'm glad to be a part of this fun, dynamic, and tight family with many good and talented souls. I look forward to our descending clinic this Sunday...and many more shared moments with riders and their beautiful family members..xxxx

  4. Wow, it was a great party with so much delicious food and top notch music by the DJ and RR brothers. Everyone seems to have a wonderful time and didn’t really want to leave. Now we know our members can not only ride but they can look absolutely fabulous and can really move on the dance floor.

    Thanks Phong for a great recap with many beautiful photos. Big thanks to Mac for opening his house to us once again. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped plan and organize this event. Great job guys! It was a perfect evening, one I’m sure our members will remember for all time.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

  5. Man oh man...I had just wish the party will last forever!!!!

    I have never gone to any private parties that have DJ & live music together like VeloViet did, music for everyone, every tastes...we hosted one heck of a party! Only VeloViet can make it happen!!!

    Merry Christmas to ALL!

  6. Thomas said...

    Indeed, 2011 Party topped the list. Starting with those party planners, volunteers, food preparers, decorators, guests, dancers, and talented entertainers. Top notch!

    Great evening full of food and dancing. Oh, don't forget the drinks. It was so good, we didn't want it to end so early. Well, we should start planning for next party now. :)

    "...Are there VeloViet in the house?"

    Party on...

  7. Wow! I don't know what else to say. What a bunch of nerds.