Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 VeloViet Team Photoshoot

Hi Members, Families, Fans, and Friends,

It has been a while since the VeloViet cycling club have posted on the blog.  I am still recovering from the holidays of last year, and are slowly beginning to start riding consistently again.  I am glad to report though that most of our members have been continue to train regularly, and also there is a small handful of riders that are hitting the local double century scene often.

Coming up soon for the club are the climbs, with the Glendora Mountains being the first high mountain that we will tackle.  This year will be exciting as there is a group of riders (aka The Fab 4) who have become exceptionally strong on the bikes.  We are excited to see how they will fare as the road goes upward!

The club just had its 2015 Team Photoshoot.  Here is a recap video for you to enjoy!

2015 Team Photoshoot from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

See you soon on the road,

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