Saturday, December 26, 2015

VeloViet's 2015 Year In Review

2015 marked another great cycling year for the VeloViet Cycling Association. This year was VeloViet’s 11th year anniversary, and it was filled with exciting new changes. Read on…

Besides the annual epic rides like GMR, 9/11 "We Remember" Ride, and Crystal Lake Challenge, in 2015 VeloViet stabilized our Sunday rides to two main routes to promote maximum familiarity with the routes. Members can gain fitness confidently riding on the rolling hills of University Ridgeline route, and work on their speed and drafting techniques on the flat SkyPark criterium. With these routes, our A2 team continues to set the fitness bar higher each year, and our A1 team is on form with riders from the local races.

Off the bike, VeloViet continues positively to affect local and remote communities. On the local scene, our members can be found riding and active members in communities of Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego. As for remote locations, we have partner with SAP-VN (Social Assistance Program for Viet Nam) and will have a stronger presence in charitable events in Viet Nam. Also we are excited to announce that eight of our strongest members will participate in the 2016 VNG Ironman in Danang, Viet Nam!

As usual, our season ended with a huge celebration at the Christmas Party. This year has been exciting, in both the rides that we participated and in the new leadership growth that we see in the club. The VeloViet Cycling club continues to have a strong presence in the local communities, and our brand name continues to be recognized across the US and other countries!

VeloViet is a non-profit and 100% volunteer-based organization, and all of the above, plus more, could not have happened without support of our members, their families, and from our wonderful sponsors. Thank you!

Here is a brief video recap of some of our 2015 events. The VeloViet Leadership Team looks forward to an even more exciting coming year!

2015 Year In Review from VeloVietOCteam on Vimeo.

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