Friday, November 11, 2011

C'est Si Bon Friday Ride

C'est Si Bon... a name that I will now know and remember. A ride that is full of delicious flaky croissant and good coffee. Top that off with the attacking style of racer FedEx and you have a nice Friday training ride!

The ride started fast! On SART we went from 0 to 22 mph in like 5 seconds. No warm-up whatsoever as John went to the front and drove the pace. KyAnh and Kevin got into the front as well and the guys rotated. I got some nice shots of us in double and single paceline.

Photo - Nice Double Paceline

Photo - John Driving the Pace While Kevin Trying to Recover

Photo - Single Paceline Action

On PCH, we picked up FedEx, BigH, and Steve. A photo before we start off to Newport Coast!

Photo - BigH, Steve, FedEx, Donovan, BaoAnh, Karen, KyAnh, Kevin, John, Hoa, DuyAnh, and Phong

On Newport Coast, the climbing animal in FedEx could not be contained and he took off! Kevin and Hoa tried to go after him but this guy got too much sleep last night and opened a huge gap!

Halfway up, I was right behind John when a bee flew right into my face. I tried to get the bee off and ended up rubbing wheels with John's. I ended up in the thorny groundscape on the sidewalk and must have like a hundred cuts as the small thorns pierced my nice new white kits and into my skin! I was okay but must have looked funny as I was bleeding all over. Steve rescued me and pulled me out of the thorn patch.

Up and down Newport Coast, up and down Pelican Hills, and up and down Vista Ridge. It seemed as if FedEx was still training for Palomar. In each one of these hills, he would ride with me a bit, and then accelerate a little as if daring me to attack. I was way too tire and kept my grinding at a steady pace!

Photo - VeloViet Brothers Keith and Steve

Photo - Pack on Top of Vista Ridge

After Vista Ridge, we were off to this bakery KyAnh had raved about. Oh... My... Goodness!!! These croissants were delicious!!! We could not get enough of them!!! The coffee was nice nad strong too.

Photo - VeloViet Crew Enjoying Croissants and Coffee

Man I think we gained back all the calories we burned off on those hills. After the hangout, we said our goodbyes to FedEx, BigH, Steve, and Keith. On SART, we let the two strong guys Hoa and Kevin pulled us back to MSP.

Photo - Hoa and Kevin Driving at the Front on the Way Back

Fun Friday ride. Definitely a must do again with all of our VeloViet members. You guys and gals are gonna love the croissants!



  1. Let's do VV Friday ride from now on !

  2. It was a nice ride. Can't believe we did 3 climbs after several weeks off the bike. Nice recap a Phong.

  3. I need to dust off my bike guys, can't escape family commitments, my wife and I had Bun bo hue at quan Hy and could not find the Manager any where. May be they go riding. i found that the new bib is kind of revealing , don't you think ? .

    Hope no rain this Sunday, you are OK right Phong. See you, Ngoc.

  4. It was a short and sweet ride with a swift pace and some hills mixed in to work our lungs. Everyone was smiling and having fun the whole time. The delicious pastries and coffee at C'est Si Bon afterward hit the spot and was a perfect way to cap off a nice morning ride. What a way to start a weekend!

  5. I don't know which was better...the ride or the C'Cest Si Bon?